What is the Fit Quiz all about?


Missfits, the idea, has been in the making for almost two years now. In 2017 I was an aspiring lingerie designer, hoping to create bras that women loved to wear. Ironically, the moment I shared my dream with other women, the response I got was remarkably consistent: “I hate my bra.” There was no good reason for me to believe that producing more bras would resolve this issue, which led me to investigate further: Why was it that the first thing we put on nearly every morning, was so often a source of pain and discomfort? Why was it, given that lingerie sizes are so unstandardized, are they the only tool we have to search for bras? Was there a way to bring efficiency to this process?

Over the past several months, together with an amazing team of designers and engineers we’ve intensively studied what’s broken about bra shopping today, and brainstormed how we might reimagine the experience. Thus was born Version 1.0 of the Fit Profile, which you now have if you’ve completed the Fit Quiz . The Fit Profile is your personal key to identify the brands, models, and sizes of bras in the market that were made to fit you. It’s like a personal bra shopper, but you can update it any time to reflect the changes in your body.


We’re working hard to populate your Fit Profile with real products so you know where to find the kinds of bras that we’re recommending you. That’s coming next month. But beyond bra shopping, there’s a deeper mission underlying the movement that we’re creating around the Missfits Fit Quiz and the #knowyourboobs campaign.

At the basis of this mission is empowerment through education, personalization, and confidence that comes with wearing clothes that actually support you. This can go in a lot of possible directions, but with a critical mass of women creating Fit Profiles, the following become possible:


  1. We can tell brands what’s missing. There are big gaps in the market between the bra shapes and sizes that brands offer, and what women actually need throughout the different stages of our lives. The more women who have created Fit Profiles, the more clearly we can identify these needs, and the more justification we have for brands to create products that meet our needs, exactly as we are.
  2. We can deliver education and knowledge. By assigning correct vocabulary to describe and understand our breasts, we can speak about our bodies with greater confidence. Besides being a means of discovery to the bras that will fit, it’s also a tool for understanding your own body better.
  3. We can stop normalizing discomfort. Bra fit is as much as an art as it is a science, and we’d be lying if we said that we knew everything there is to know about it. But one thing is for sure: the more women who have completed the Fit Quiz, the more we know about which bras are fitting which breasts, and the better we’re able to draw new correlations between breast shape and bra fit.

So for those of you who’ve created a Fit Profile already, thank you for putting your trust in us–you’re already part of the solution. If you haven’t done so already, give us a shot and let us know what you think!

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