How Do You Make a Bra Fit Recommendation?

Here’s a riddle: There are hundreds of thousands of bras in the world, and billions of breasts. How do you create a system wherein the bras can find their way to the breasts they were made to fit?

At Missfits, that’s exactly what we ponder day-to-day. And what we’ve found is that we need a lot more information than is currently out there–about bras and breasts–in order to solve this puzzle.

A Universal Bra Sizing System

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, bra sizes can be highly unstandardized, and generally fail to capture a great deal of complexity. As anyone with breasts knows, two bras of the same size are not guaranteed to fit the same way.

So, our first step has been to create a universal standard to measure and assess the fit of any bra. Each bra that enters our database is profiled according to twenty different measurements and attributes. Some examples include the wire shape, material, and cup width. These attributes provide the basis of a universal fit profiling system, which tells us in detail what makes one bra similar to, or different from, another.

Personalized Recommendations

Using this information, we generate a personalized bra recommendations. To do that, we rely on two primary pieces of information from you.

The first is your reference bra, or your “most comfortable everyday bra” (one of the questions in our Fit Quiz). When we ask for the brand, model, and size of this bra, we’re determining the measurements and features of the bra you like to wear.

If this bra fits you perfectly, we search in our database for bras with a similar profile, with the assumption that these bras will fit you similarly. If this bra doesn’t fit well, we adjust our search parameters to identify bras with more suitable measurements for you.

Here’s an example: your reference bra fits everywhere except for the center panel, which doesn’t rest flat on your chest. Usually, this is a symptom of cups that are too shallow. So, we’ll look for bras that have a deeper cup (and are similar everywhere else) compared to your reference bra. The result of these searches appear in your Fit Profile recommendations.

The second key piece of information we use to generate recommendations is your breast shape profile. Our Fit Quiz asks for the area of your breast roots, tissue distribution, and tissue density (based on age, hormones, and activity level).

We use this information to find others with similar breast profiles to you. Knowing which bras have fit them well, and the features of those bras, help us to predict with greater precision how a given bra will fit you.

The Takeaway: Data Quality & Quantity

And there you have it, our methodology for recommending bras!

Besides giving you a peek into the geeky aspect of our work, there’s a deeper message at play here: the richness of our recommendation depends on the quality and quantity of data that we get.

This can help explain why we ask so many questions on our quiz. The more information we have, the more confident we’ll be in the bras we find for you. If at any point the questions are confusing, please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification.

Secondly, The more women who create Fit Profiles, the more accurate and more plentiful your recommendations will be. Not only will we have more bras to recommend for everyone, we’ll also be able to draw new correlations between breast shape and bra fit. So if you’d like to a little self-care for your breasts, tell a friend about Missfits today!

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