The Most Common Bra Myths

The Most Common Bra Myths (And Their Truths!)

In the era of #fakenews, how do we discern what is real?

By reading the Missfits blog, of course!

This week, we’ve rounded up the most popular bra myths and debunked them. Let’s get Mythbusting!

Bra Myth #1: Bras are Antifeminist

bra myth antifeminist missfits

We will eventually write an entire blog post (or novel!) about this subject, but to sum up: bras are bras, and they are void of inherent sociological value. Any meaning found within objects is ascribed by a human actor, and any assignment of ideas to an object should be one’s own personal decision. 

If bras make you feel comfortable and supported, wear them. If they make you feel restricted and oppressed, don’t wear them. But remember, you can still be a feminist if you wear a bra.

Bras have fascinating political and sociological histories. To learn more about how bras have been used within these spheres, check out our blog post, “Bras as Instruments of Political Protest”

Bra Myth #2: You Can’t Sleep in a Bra

sleep in bra myth missfits

Yes, you can. You will not develop cancer from it. You will also not get perkier breasts from sleeping in a bra. There is no scientific support to any of these myths.

However, if you choose to sleep in a bra, be sure it fits correctly. If not, the wires may poke you and cause injuries. 

Click here to check if your bra fits you correctly.

Bra Myth #3: You Have One Bra Size

bra size missfits

Nope! Thanks to a lack of industry-wide sizing standards, you will likely have a different bra size for each brand you shop (and sometimes multiple sizes per brand!). 

A recent article in the Atlantic outlined just how arbitrary sizing is in companies like Victoria’s Secret: 

“[The former president of Victoria’s Secret] made it a point to not conduct any research at all into what actual women wanted, from their underwear or from their lives. ‘The company does no consumer or market research, absolutely none!’ [Roy Ramond, the founder of Victoria’s Secret] said. ‘I just don’t believe in it.’”

Based on these comments, we can easily assume that your bra size will not be consistent between brands – particularly because some brands (like Victoria’s Secret) do not have a concrete basis for standard sizing.

Some countries have a standardized bra sizing system, which you can read about here.

Bra Myth #4: A Well-Fitting Bra Won’t Leave Marks

marks missfits

Unfortunately, it will. This is because for a bra to fit properly, it has to be snug against the skin to support the weight of your breasts. You will have imprints of your bra on your skin after a full day of wear, like a bra ghost. 

If the marks are heavily indented and red or you feel discomfort when wearing your bra, it may not fit you correctly. Here’s how to tell if your bra fits.

Bra Myth #5: The Straps Do the Supporting

bra myth straps

Wrong again, sort of. Bra straps should only hold about 20% of the weight of your breasts. The majority of the weight is held by the bra band. 

If your straps dig into your shoulders from the weight of your breasts, it’s an indicator that your band size may be too big, or your cup size too small. Learn more about bra fitting here.

What other bra myths have you heard? Leave us a comment below!

Be sure to check out our Fit Quiz to find your perfect bra fit!

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