How Long Should Bras Last?

How long should bras last? According to our Fit Quiz data, more than 50% of Missfits users have had their bra for more than a year.

Unlike mansplainers and Celine Dion’s heart, bras do not go on and on. They have a specific lifespan, which is unfortunate for those of us who find it very difficult to find bras that we like.

So how long should bras last?

Well, it actually depends. 

On average, a bra should last for about 6-8 months of regular wear. 

After 8 months of regular wear, the elastic can stretch and the cup can distort, making it uncomfortable and ill-fitting. 

Thankfully, there are ways to lengthen the lifespan of your bra!

How to Make Your Bras Last Longer

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If you wear the same bra every day, it will wear out within a couple of months. If possible, rotate through multiple bras throughout the week so you don’t wear the same bra multiple days in a row. 

After being worn, the elastic in bra bands needs time to settle back into its original size. Wearing the same bra day after day will permanently stretch out the elastic. Change your bra each day to ensure that your bras get their proper R&R.

Rotating through four or five bras will help your bras last a year or longer!

Go Easy on the Washing

Yes, you have our permission to do less laundry! 

Bras should be washed every three wears. Read our blog post about Bra Care Hacks to learn the right way to wash bras!

Invest in Quality Bras

This is a no-brainer but the better the quality, the longer the lifespan. If you can afford to invest in higher-end lingerie, you will find that they last much longer than budget bras.

Price isn’t always an indicator of quality. Good bras have well-sewn seams, fully-encased wires, comfortable fabric, and strong closures. 

Opt for Seams Over Contour

Bras with contoured cups are great for shaping your breasts but they typically do not last as long as a lined, seamed bra. The foam in the contoured cups can become worn out and distorted after wear and washing. Bras that are constructed in multiple pieces tend to last longer.

When to Retire a Bra

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How do you know when it’s time to depart with your beloved bra? Here are some signs that it’s time to pass it on.

  • When the back band rides up, even when fastened on the tightest hook.
  • When the wires are poking through their casing
  • When it has holes or tears
  • If the hooks are broken
  • If the cups are distorted and no longer give you your desired shape
  • If the straps are stretched out and no longer supportive
  • If your body changes and you need a different size bra
  • If your back and shoulders feel sore after wearing it

How to Retire a Bra

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Good news: your bra can live a second life after it’s served you!

If the bra is in good condition, you can donate it to charity shops, women’s shelters, or organizations for breast cancer survivors.

If it’s tattered, try DIYing your bra into something else, like a floral headband!  

How long have you had your favorite bra? Let us know in the comments!

While you’re here, check out our Fit Quiz to learn about your boobs and find the perfect bra!

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