DIY Bra Face Mask

Step-by-step video here Of the many unexpected impacts of quarantine and WFH life, one of them has been ditching the ...
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how long should bras last missfits

How Long Should Bras Last?

How long should bras last? According to our Fit Quiz data, more than 50% of the Missfits fam have had ...
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most common bra myths missfits

The Most Common Bra Myths

The Most Common Bra Myths (And Their Truths!) In the era of #fakenews, how do we discern what is real? ...
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world's wildest bras missfits

The World’s Weirdest Bras

The World’s Weirdest Bras Some months ago during a field trip to Berlin's Spy Museum, our CTO Alex stumbled upon ...
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How Do You Make a Bra Fit Recommendation?

Here's a riddle: There are hundreds of thousands of bras in the world, and billions of breasts. How do you ...
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missfits faves what we're loving lately

Missfits Faves: What We’re Loving Lately

Missfits Faves: What We're Loving Lately Welcome back to our blog! This week we're doing a roundup of what we ...
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Our Favorite Bra Hacks

Missfits presents: Our Favorite Bra Hacks! Is it just us, or is everything being “hacked” these days? You’ve probably seen ...
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globe with a measuring tape wrapped around it

Bra Sizing Around the World

Like currencies, visa requirements, and the pronunciation of “aluminum”, bra sizing lacks an international standard. Bra sizing emerged in the ...
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underwire bra

Why Do Bras Have Underwires? The What, When, How, and Why

As far as bra components go, underwires are probably the most infamous. They snap and shift and shank us at ...
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cake by the sweet feminist

A Roundup of What We Loved in June

Welcome to our new blog series: a monthly roundup of What We Loved! In June, we saw a plethora of ...
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Women throwing feminine objects in a Freedom Trash Can in 1968

Bras as Instruments of Political Protest: A Brief History

The bra is a fascinating object of study. Depending on who you ask, it can represent femininity, functionality or oppression ...
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bra facts cover

11 Mind-Blowing Bra Facts That You Didn’t Know

How much do you know about bras? This roundup of fun bra facts has us thinking we may not know ...
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bra facts shopping

Sister Sizing: Our Favorite Bra Shopping Hack

Imagine two different bras: one is size 38A, and the other is size 32DD. Which bra has the bigger cup? ...
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Photo of a bra hanging from a clothesline

7 Bra Care Hacks You Need to Know

Finding a good bra is like finding a good relationship; it comforts you, supports you, and you will do whatever ...
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Bra Cups 101: Why and How Bras are Measured in Cups

The most common answer from our Fit Quiz was 34B. Many of us know that the “34” represents the circumference ...
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a pile of different kinds of bras

The Every-Woman’s Encyclopedia of Bra Styles

Bras as we know them today were officially introduced to the world in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacobs, who received ...
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The Ultimate Bra-Fitting Guide: 5 Steps to Finding a Bra that Fits

Welcome to the Ultimate Bra-Fitting Guide! We will take you through 5 steps to know if your bra fits correctly, ...
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What is the Fit Quiz all about?

THE STORY Missfits, the idea, has been in the making for almost two years now. In 2017 I was an ...
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Americans pay more for bras than Europeans

Survey says: Americans pay more for bras than Europeans

In the early days of Missfits, we spoke with lots of women about what they love, hate, and don't understand ...
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Why does my bra ride up in the back?

When correctly fitted, a bra band should rest squarely beneath your shoulder blades, parallel to the floor. So why are ...
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How many bra sizes are there?

Answer: it depends. Bra sizes are confusing. If you're not convinced, try finding another piece of clothing where a standard ...
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